We believe as a Church that it's biblical and mandatory  for the Church to be the Church in and outside of it. We've done a plethora of things in Philadelphia and also in the North Jersey area as well, and aspire to even more! Jesus was never confined to a building and neither should we, a church isn't a church without having external impact on the surrounding communities. We can't truly fulfill the Gospel unless we're "Loving our neighbors as we love ourselves" and that starts by fully engaging with everyone in the community from the affluent to the impoverished! We seek to tear down every barrier of divide and obstacles in communities by standing for the same things that Christ did in order to infuse our neighborhoods with the love and unity that is lacking today

It’s important to us to be as clear about our vision, as we try provide help for communities in need. This list details a majority of our targeted initiatives that we need your participation and help in.

We'd LOVE for YOU to join us!!

Our Church

Build Community

Stay Connected

  • Conflict resolution workshops and mentoring for youths
  • Financial literacy workshops and resources for families 
  • Homeless feeding, clothing and survival items
  • Quarterly celebrations for the youth during the school year
  • Holiday help for struggling families 

Building Relationships and Building Community, inside and outside of The Church

We are a non-denominational church that believes in breaking free from the barriers that traditional churches have created with today's culture and generation.

We have a very relaxed setting in which there's no dress code or any other strict church policies that deter other believers from feeling welcomed.

We stand on biblical truths and preach doctrinally sound messages that are very practical and relatable to today's generation of believers. All that we ask from people is for willing souls and open hearts to receiving God's word and to help serve and build up His Kingdom! 

Our goal is to reach those that have found the church to be irrelevant in today's world, and also those that are struggling to find a church that they can truly identify with and call HOME!